Winemaking Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, start out with the best grapes we can find.

The majority of our grapes come from independent growers that are known for their love of what they do, they share our vision to produce the best. Our winemaking practices are bent on quality, fanatical some say...we're not driven by the bottom line. We employ modern as well as ancient techniques in our winemaking, and grape growing. We sort of wear blinders, we don't pay attention to what everybody else is doing. We have noticed a pattern over the years, a large number of wineries and grape growers are affected by what others do and say...the latest trend, the hottest varietal, the newest process. There's no shortage of opinions out there, alcohol to high or pH to low, filtered or unfiltered.

Winemaking is primarily the same as it was since before the birth of's an organic process, totally natural. It's the winemakers perception of quality that makes the difference, it's our definition of what tastes good, same as yours — that's what matters in the end. Put our wines to the test and see if we're good enough to be your winemakers.

Jack & William Salerno