Join Our Wine Club & Enjoy Manzanita Creek Wine All Year

Membership Has It's Perks

Being a Manzanita Creek club member gives you the opportunity to enjoy our award winning, limited production wines year around at the best price possible.  In addition, you will receive exclusive special offers on Manzanita Creek wine and email notification when your favorite wines are almost sold out, and the occasional recipe (not to be overlooked). Choose the club that best fits your wine preference and cellar needs. Sign up now, and take advantage of the great club benefits starting today!

The Benefits:

  • Enjoy complimentary wine tasting upon each visit to our tasting room. Guests included! (up to 3) PLEASE SCHEDULE IN ADVANCE.
  • You can always customize your order.
  • 20-30% savings all the time!  Receive your respective wine club discount all year.
  • Exclusive members-only special sales.
  • Convenient delivery to your home or business.


  • We don't have special events for our members; Wine Club Events cost a lot of money, that cost is baked into the cake, to use a Wall Street maxim. We make our wine more affordable than most wineries of our size by not having said events... statistically only 15% of members attend events, and 100% bear the cost.

Classico Club - Members receive (6) bottles twice a year of our wines. We ship in the Spring and in Autumn, Members receive a 25% discount on these shipments and 20% off wine anytime you shop with us.

Riserva Club - This Club is for wine connoisseurs who like to have their cellar stocked. Members receive one case (12 bottles) twice a year of our wines. We ship in March and October. Members receive up to a 30% discount on these shipments and 25% off wine anytime you shop with us.

Club Z - This club is for Zinfandel lovers  Receive only Zinfandel in your club shipments.  Join this at either the Classico or Riserva level.  

Promotions - Wine Club discounts may not be combined with "Special Promotions" or on "Close Out Wines"


Please call 707-433-4052 or email us at

Our wine club brings you the newest releases from our cellar at the best prices available, so give yourself or your friends the gift of Manzanita Creek!