2018 Red Hills Cabernet Sauvignon 91 Points

Due to the Altitude, Lake County Cabernet are more feminine and lighter in nature. More Bordeaux-like. Also, vintage 2018 was the best year of this young century, so far.

Visual: Nice color and density - garnet red and inviting.

Aroma / Bouquet: Almost floral. Notes of black cherries, cassis and pipe tobacco. The wine is straight forward and it has an overall cleanliness about it. No need to probe, just enjoy.

Taste: Nice body and texture on the palate, as the fruit carries over from the “nose”. The tannin are quite polite and light toasty not overly oaked barrel notes.

This wine is an absolute delight and extremely well mannered at the Dinner Table.

Tasting Notes

Full in body and flavor, it is nicely layered, ripe and rich, wrapping generous helpings of blackberries, dark cherries and milk chocolate in soft tannins for a plush mouthfeel.

Winemaker's Notes

The recipe that we paired this Bordeaux style wine is the epitome of French food & wine making... Coq au vin, or French dish consisting of chicken braised with red wine. Here's the link below:


Easy to make, and the results are outstanding