Family Roots

Brothers Jack and William Jr. Salerno’s eclectic approach to life seems natural when you understand a bit more about their roots.

When their father William met Mary Louise Salvato in 1948, she was a model for May Co., opera singer in training and was dating two Hollywood actors who were making a splash in the new world of television. William wasn’t deterred by the competition. A consummate salesman and weight lifter, this Son of Sicilian immigrants wooed Mary Louise by first getting her family to embrace him, and soon she did too. Mary quickly forgot about her other beaus, Fess Parker, aka TVs Daniel Boone, and Clint Walker, the latest cowboy heart throb, and agreed to marry William.

There was some ensuing drama, but eventually things calmed down and William and Mary started their lives together in 1950. Mary’s flair for the arts and music influenced her boys, and William’s self-assuredness that you can do anything you put your mind to wore off on the boys as well.

Jack and William Jr. knew they wanted to be their own boss. Their initial careers as contractors and tradesman gave them that chance, and also fit their down-to-earth approach to life. But after a good run in the California’s Silicon Valley, they turned from contractors to vintners, following their passions and embracing life in Sonoma County’s Wine Country.