Good Wine is wine that fits into the fabric of our workaday lives, what wine do you drink on a Tuesday with left-over BBQ chicken from Sunday’s Family gathering?

Good wine, the best wine, is a wine that doesn’t demand attention or has to be (center stage); wine, for me, is life; it is how my Family and I earn a living; it’s what we do. Life is full of moments strung together by purpose, sharing, helping and being together with the ones we Love. Wine is part of the tapestry of our being; wine is no different than a glass of “Sweet Tea,” or a cup of coffee, or any other beverage that we reach for while we live life. Wine, however, has been written into the backdrop of society for thousands of years and continues to be a major character in the lives of many people. Wine drinkers have a tendency to be creative and passionate about food, art, and Family. That has been my observation over the decades of being involved with Wine production and restaurants. Wine has been an important part of my Family’s livelihood for decades. My Family has been involved in both wine production and restaurants in The United States for over one-hundred years, and it’s been a great experience. I’ve learned a lot and have a deep appreciation for the business aspect of wine-making. Wine has a long history, and I find it fascinating to think about how it’s been enjoyed by people throughout the ages. Wine seems to have a special place in culture and society, and it’s something that people are passionate about. For me, wine is a crucial part of a healthy diet. I admire the creativity and passion of those involved in wine production. It’s amazing to be making wines in California, where it’s easy to find grapes from all over this huge State and blend wines that can fill your glass for a couple of bucks; you can spend $80 per bottle, We’ve made plenty of those wines, too, but we drink wine every day, and it has to be very good and affordable wine, or we just won’t bottle it.